family pic

family pic

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This week has been a bit...crappy... for me and has caused me to really take good look at what I want out of my life. What would I define as victorious living. If I'm honest I had decided that I would be victorious if I could ever have stability in my family and in my finances. If only we could, together, own a house...go on family vacations... even just have meals together...then I'd be victorious.

But is it possible to feel victorious and to be poor, broken, and needy at the same time. Logic tells me NO. There is no hope in that. But somehow the Lord is telling me YES! As a daughter of Christ, I get to share in His victory over sin and death. I've been predestined to good works and have a purpose. My purpose in this life isn't to get to the next financial level, but to take part in Christ's agenda. And His agenda will end in victory!

So now I continue on with my crappy week with an attempt to experience this victory in the midst of broken dreams and hopes. It doesn't make the pain go away, but does leave me with a different kind of hope and a purpose.