family pic

family pic

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My not so ideal evening

Today I was exhausted. We had a busy stressful day and it hit me at some point during the day... my kids have eaten sooooo unhealthy lately. I decided I was just going to have to push through the physical and emotional exhaustion and make a good healthy home cooked meal. I envisioned all of us around the table talking, laughing, and just enjoying each other as we ate this wonderful meal.

After I picked Quinton up from school I started on the meal. I thought this could be a fun family activity. The boys were glued to the TV and wouldn't aswer when I asked them to help mommy. I ended up loosing it with them and yelled at them to listen to me. Not a great start to our fun filled family evening. Kydon hung onto my legs the whole time and screamed at me. I was cooking on the stove top, turned my back and turned around to see him on a stool reaching for the stove. My heart momentarily stopped as I moved him and tossed the stool into the other room. He proceed to reach for the sink and scream at me. He wanted a sink bath. I thought that could me nice. He could play happily in the sink while I finished dinner. Not so much. He played for a whole 5 min and started to crawl onto the counter. I took him out, let him cry, and frantically finished dinner.

Dinner is cooked. I put kydon's food in his high chair and go ahead and place him in it. As I'm filling the boys' plates I see he is throwing all his food on the floor. I try to get him to eat...add BBQ to his chicken and look over to see the boys eating up their food....without me. I finally sit down and Kydon stands up to inform me he is finished. I get him out of the chair and he cries at my legs while I try to eat my dinner. I cave and turn the TV on. Happy to have him entertained I sit back down and proceed to initiate a conversation with Quinton about school. I ask him the same question 5 xs and realize that talking is pointless bc they can see the TV...if I turn it off we have to deal with grumpy baby.

We finish the meal. The kitchen is now a COMPLETE disaster (did I mention that Kydon also got out ALL the pots and pans while I was cooking). And mommy is WORN OUT! I tried. I'm going to give it another try tomorrow and maby it will gradually start to get better....I sure hope so!