family pic

family pic

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Carter's Quote of the Day

Quinton and Carter have been signed up to play flag football at the YMCA. Quinton is thrilled. Carter...well, not so much. Carter wouldn't participate in anything if it were up to him. He is perfectly content with staying home with his legos all day. I want him to give other activities a try before he rules them out. I thought that maby he is worried about getting tackled, so there in our minivan I explained the game to him. How if the ball is thrown to him, he will get to run as fast as he can to make a touch down. How when the other team has the ball, he will get to chase them and try to tear a flag. How they will get to protect their team mates. We pull in the driveway as I finish and just sit there in silence. I can see his little mind processing this information. I wonder if I have sold it to him so I ask

"well Carter, are you excited about football"


"why not?"

"because I hate it"

(end of conversation)