family pic

family pic

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Testimony part II

I'm back! The past few weeks my life have been absolutely crazy, so I just haven't been able to blog without feeling guilty for not getting other things done! I feel semi ok about blogging now :)

Lets see where did I leave off at. I think it is time to tell about my whole salvation experience. Pretty much every night when I would go to bed I would think about my need for a relationship with God. I longed for Him, but couldn't get past my pride to accept that relationship. I would pray a quick sinners prayer every night, but wouldn't mean what I was saying and would wake up and forget about what I had prayed. I just didn't feel sorry for my sins, and I really didn't want to change. One night during my eighth grade year, I was thinking about my need for salvation and trying to figure out who I should talk to the next day...and knowing that I probably wouldn't do it. It suddenly dawned on me that I didn't have to wait. I could do it right then in my bedroom. I decided to get out my Bible and read about Christ's death. For the first time I was broken about what He went through because of my sins. I prayed thanking Him for what He went through in order to have a relationship with me, and repenting of my sin that put Him on the cross.

That night I went to bed thinking tomorrow with be the test. I woke up in the morning and knew that I now had a personal relationship with Jesus. I went to school and became aware of sins that I never noticed before. It was a wonderful and freeing feeling to KNOW that I had been born again. To know that the instant I had prayed that prayer, I became a child of God and would remain that way for eternity. I look back at those sweet first years of my Christianity and remember being so excited over my new relationship with Christ. I truly loved Him and wanted nothing hinder my relationship with Him. The Bible became real and new to me and was no longer just a book. I was excited to read it and learn more about Christ. I never missed a day reading it for about a year. I would underline verses that spoke to me and sometimes I would end up underlining entire chapters, especially when I came to Psalms. There were a few nights that I didn't have a pen on me and used a crayon to underline while I was reading. Those pages were a mess! Really, just about everything in the Bible meant something to me, so I went a little crazy with the underlining :) But oh how I loved my new Daddy... unfortunately I slowly strayed from Him, and longed for the kindof relationship I had with Him when I first became a Christian. I'll talk more about that later. Thanks for reading :)

(The picture is of me during my freshman year. I thought I'd upload pictures of me during the stage of life that I have written about :)