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family pic

Monday, May 2, 2011

WORST Walmart trip ever...

I do not like going to walmart. I hate/loathe/dread/abhor/etc it. Just when I thought that my level of hatrid was at its peak Kydon decided that he hated it as well, and that has brought my loathe of walmart trips to a whole new level. Today we had the mother of all awful walmart trips and I'm pretty it will be therapeutic for me to blog about it...

My plan for this trip was to pick Quinton up from school, go straight over to walmart, get the oil changed while we grocery shopped, unload, and then take him to karate. I picked the child up from school and when we pulled into the parking lot he had a full blown meltdown when he realized what we were about to do, complete with real tears and pleading to just go back home (we obviously share the same love for the place...maby its hereditary... we're allergic to it or something). I make a deal with him that we'll eat in subway first then get groceries. We drop the van off and go to subway. While in subway Kydon decided that he wanted nothing to do with the high chair. He is an escape artist and can get out of anything I strap him into...such as highchairs and grocery carts. We scarfed down our food while he did a cycle of screaming, twisting out of the buckle, standing up, and screaming when I'd put him back in. While in subway I get a call from one of the mechanics asking me if I had a spare key. I told him I didn't and he informed me he locked my keys in the car, but they'll figure something out, which I interpreted to mean that we will probably be spending our evening inside this blessed blessed store.

I then get a cart and had a full blown battle with Kydon trying to get him in it. He was kicking his feet, refusing to put them through the holes, and also twisting his body trying to hang onto the back of the set and stand up. I pinned him down, shoved his...ahem...precious feet through the holes, and held his body down with one arm, and buckled him in with the other. He is screaming and calms down once we get moving. First stop, cantalopes....aka, balls. he is frantically trying to get out saying "ba ba ba!". He twists, turns around, and manages to get out of the buckle while teetering on the back of the seat. I put him back I decide to hold him and push with the other hand. My older boys keep hopping onto the sides of the cart, and I constantly have to remind them that mommy can't hold their brother and push the cart with them hanging onto it ( I swear they must think I have super powers or something) They then decide to practice their karate moves for the remainder of the the middle of every isle...hiding from the bad guys on the shelves behind the toilet paper. At one point Kydon took a lunge out of my arms falling head first, and I managed to catch him before he hit the ground. That really set him off, and he was officially done. An hour and a half later...yes, an hour and a half.....I get a call saying the car is finished. I'm in the middle of the checkout line...trying to unload all of my groceries with one arm and Quinton starts yelling that he has to go potty and can't hold it. I typically go with him to the potty, but I was in the middle of the line, so I told him to go ahead and go to the bathroom but hurry right out. He never came back! SO I send carter over to holler in and tell him to hurry. He said he didn't reply. I went into the women's and he wasn't in their either. I am frantic looking around and a cashier asks me if I'm looking for my child. I said yes and she talked to a few other cashiers and informed me that he was in the customer service section. Whew! I find him and he told me he went to the wrong isle and one of the clerks said the would help him find me. Needless to say, He will NEVER EVER be going to the bathroom by himself again!

There is a blessing in the midst of this awful trip! I went to pick up the van and they didn't charge me for the oil change....AND I received a free spare key :) So maby... just maby... this trip was worth a free oil change and key...ok, at least it was almost worth it :)