family pic

family pic

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

after football practice...

I just thought I'd post a follow up on Carter's first football practice. Here are his exact words in the car on the way home from practice...

"Football is the BEST, Football is the BEST!!!!"

(that pretty much sums it all up)

(their halloween costumes a couple of years ago, soon I'll be able to post a picture of them in their first official uniforms :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Carter's Quote of the Day

Quinton and Carter have been signed up to play flag football at the YMCA. Quinton is thrilled. Carter...well, not so much. Carter wouldn't participate in anything if it were up to him. He is perfectly content with staying home with his legos all day. I want him to give other activities a try before he rules them out. I thought that maby he is worried about getting tackled, so there in our minivan I explained the game to him. How if the ball is thrown to him, he will get to run as fast as he can to make a touch down. How when the other team has the ball, he will get to chase them and try to tear a flag. How they will get to protect their team mates. We pull in the driveway as I finish and just sit there in silence. I can see his little mind processing this information. I wonder if I have sold it to him so I ask

"well Carter, are you excited about football"


"why not?"

"because I hate it"

(end of conversation)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My not so ideal evening

Today I was exhausted. We had a busy stressful day and it hit me at some point during the day... my kids have eaten sooooo unhealthy lately. I decided I was just going to have to push through the physical and emotional exhaustion and make a good healthy home cooked meal. I envisioned all of us around the table talking, laughing, and just enjoying each other as we ate this wonderful meal.

After I picked Quinton up from school I started on the meal. I thought this could be a fun family activity. The boys were glued to the TV and wouldn't aswer when I asked them to help mommy. I ended up loosing it with them and yelled at them to listen to me. Not a great start to our fun filled family evening. Kydon hung onto my legs the whole time and screamed at me. I was cooking on the stove top, turned my back and turned around to see him on a stool reaching for the stove. My heart momentarily stopped as I moved him and tossed the stool into the other room. He proceed to reach for the sink and scream at me. He wanted a sink bath. I thought that could me nice. He could play happily in the sink while I finished dinner. Not so much. He played for a whole 5 min and started to crawl onto the counter. I took him out, let him cry, and frantically finished dinner.

Dinner is cooked. I put kydon's food in his high chair and go ahead and place him in it. As I'm filling the boys' plates I see he is throwing all his food on the floor. I try to get him to eat...add BBQ to his chicken and look over to see the boys eating up their food....without me. I finally sit down and Kydon stands up to inform me he is finished. I get him out of the chair and he cries at my legs while I try to eat my dinner. I cave and turn the TV on. Happy to have him entertained I sit back down and proceed to initiate a conversation with Quinton about school. I ask him the same question 5 xs and realize that talking is pointless bc they can see the TV...if I turn it off we have to deal with grumpy baby.

We finish the meal. The kitchen is now a COMPLETE disaster (did I mention that Kydon also got out ALL the pots and pans while I was cooking). And mommy is WORN OUT! I tried. I'm going to give it another try tomorrow and maby it will gradually start to get better....I sure hope so!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This week has been a bit...crappy... for me and has caused me to really take good look at what I want out of my life. What would I define as victorious living. If I'm honest I had decided that I would be victorious if I could ever have stability in my family and in my finances. If only we could, together, own a house...go on family vacations... even just have meals together...then I'd be victorious.

But is it possible to feel victorious and to be poor, broken, and needy at the same time. Logic tells me NO. There is no hope in that. But somehow the Lord is telling me YES! As a daughter of Christ, I get to share in His victory over sin and death. I've been predestined to good works and have a purpose. My purpose in this life isn't to get to the next financial level, but to take part in Christ's agenda. And His agenda will end in victory!

So now I continue on with my crappy week with an attempt to experience this victory in the midst of broken dreams and hopes. It doesn't make the pain go away, but does leave me with a different kind of hope and a purpose.