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family pic

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Devos with the boys

Every night I try and do family devos with the boys. I'll admit, I usually don't feel like doing it, and sometimes its pretty much the last thing I want to do at the end of a long exhausting day, but I try and just make myself do it.

Now, I know that Satan does NOT want me doing this with the boys. His tactics include putting invisible ants in their pants, preventing them from being able stay in the bed, let alone sit still and pay attentions. He also plants toys around them that are suddenly show up when I open the bible. And lastly, He will periodically possess Kydon causing him to scream louder than I can read (note the scarcasim in my voice). But despite the frustration that I may face, not once have I regreted doing them. The majority of the best conversations I've had with the boys were during family devotions. Which leads me to our devos last week...

After reading the Bible I explained to the boys that we don't grow close to someone unless we talk to them. That is the same with God...we can't grow close to Him unless we talk to Him. We proceed to pray and Carter ends with, "God thankyou for this good day, thankyou for this wonderful day, thankyou for this super good day, and God...God....I just want to be close to you, I just want to be super close to you...and thankyou for this good day, and thankyoufor this wonderful day.....etc, etc, ETC..."!!! This went on for a good 5min and then he told me "mommy I want to be super close to God, so I prayed for a super long time". I told him that God will answer that prayer because He wants to be super close to Carter. I told them the story of Solomon asking for wisdom and God giving it to him. Quinton told me he wanted to pray again saying "God I want to be so close to you and I want power and love and wisdom amen". He then smiled confidently at me and told me that God will answer his prayer too.

A great Bible for boys that we have is The Action Bible, which is basically a comic bible. They love it and actually remind me to do bible story time because they can't wait to read it. Here is the link on amazon

Another good one is the Veggie tales family devotional. It is a bit lengthy, but very interactive with different activites for the kids. I do this one once a week because it can take a good 45 min to do. Here is the link