family pic

family pic

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Carter Barter...

(sleeping wtih a legoman in his hand...he is very serious about his lego obsession :)

I've decided to feature my creative 4 year old, Carter in today's blog. As many of you know, Carter is one of a kind :) He has the biggest imagination and comes up with very creative ideas and stories.

(he fell asleep on the stairs...not sure WHAT he was thinking??!!)

Here are a list of questions that I asked carter followed by his response:

Name- Tarter

Age- holds up 4 fingers

favorite thing to do- uh....mommy tell me which days i get to play the wii on

favorite toy- actually my favorite toy is daddy's lego ship...his star wars

favorite game- hmmm i will say its star wars

future job- i want to work at the lego store

favorite color- all of the colors except pink and purple

favorite place to eat- mcdonalds, that's a place you can play tag you're it and hide and go seek. and mommy, and mommy, and mommy, mommy at church I told that riley girl where a girl was and her found her.

what are you good at- I will say I'm really good at building legos

favorite movie- its only lego rock monster...and star wars...and lego ningago (followed by a long graphic story about lego ningago)

Things he has taught me:

1. You shouldn't love lego's more than you love God. He "loves God first, then legos"

2. Apparently I shouldn't look at the colors yellow and brown, bc looking at them might make me have to go potty (that one cracks me up :)

3. never, ever, try to give him chicken nuggets without honey mustard sauce

4. that he apparently doesn't have too many legos, his friend has two boxes of legos and that's too many, but he just has one box so he can get more legos.

5. if you can't tear into a pinata with a bat then just get rid of the bat and do you karate moves on it (yes, he did do that)

6. It is possible to use the word "eventually" at least 3 times in one sentence.

7. legos are a mommy's best friend

8. A lot of patience is needed during learning time. Letters may turn into animals or other objects at any given moment.

9. I am to call him "Mr. Carter" when he is wearing a tie

10. That sometimes its good to just take a breather, smile, and enjoy his little creative self :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

God's will or mine...

My oldest Quinton finished his last day of Kindergarden yesterday. Some of you may remember I was a bit... ok maby alot....terrified of sending him off to school. I was pretty set on homeschooling him, but a month before school was to start I had alot of trials come up in my life that would make homeschooling quite difficult. I felt like I was suppossed to stick it out and still homeschool because that was best for Quinton. I knew it was going to be really hard, but I tried not to think about it because that was God's will for our family...or so I thought.

Right before school was to start I talked to an individual from my church that basically told me I was crazy! I was forced to really think through my decision and how I was going to make it all work and I had to admit that I couldn't do it. I felt like a failure having to admit that my own son was better off in school during the day than at home with me. At this point it was too late for me to pick which school to send him to. There were a couple of public schools in the area that seemed like lesser evils :), but the choosing period was over and he had to go to sedge garden, which i hadn't heard good or bad things about.

Right at that point Quinton began to ask several questions about how to become a christian and really wanted to get saved. I had him talk to our children's pastor and he came out and told me he understood salvation and the next time he asked about to let him establish a relationship with Christ. The next day he asked and he prayed asking God to forgive the bad things he had done and that he believed in Jesus and wanted to obey Him now. I saw that as a sign from God that He was going to take care of my sweet Quinton.

He soon started school and it actually wasn't too bad :) It forced our family to get on a schedule. Kydon wasn't sleeping well, so if I didn't have to take Quinton to school I would probably just be laying around the house all day exhausted and depressed. It kept me moving, which is what my kids needed from me. Quinton actually was able to tell some kids about Jesus and two of them prayed and asked Jesus to come into their hearts during center time. He came home with alot of stories about discussions they had about how "Brody said that Jesus died on a pole, but I told him he is wrong and it was a cross" :) know real in depth debates like that :)

As the school year was finishing out I realized that I was wrong about my view on sending Quinton off to school. I thought God was telling me that homeschooling was best but because I couldn't handle it, He was allowing me to put him in school. I realized that Quinton going off to public school was God's will for Quinton last year. That is what he wanted all along. I'm not saying that is God's will for everyone, and I do think he has equiped some mom's to homeschool their children or to put their kids in Christian school. I think I view God as being harsh and having really high expectations for me. I've even told him that I can't do all that He wants me to do. But I'm realizing that I have set alot of these expectations for myself. If I honestly and truly can't do something, I really need to evaluate if that is from God or if its an expectation I have for myself. I guess the next question is why do I have such high expectations for myself....hmmm...maby that could be for another blog :)