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family pic

Friday, April 1, 2011

My bizarre dream...

My mom is in town this week and yesterday we decided to take the boys to concord mills mall yesterday. We had a blast and completed the trip with a few bags of candy and popcorn for the ride home. We got home around 9 and I went to bed around 11 feeling a little sick from all of the sugar I consumed! I fell asleep, woke up at 3, couldn't go back to sleep until 5, which produced this dream...

(My parents) I am going to church, where I am suppossed to sing a special, get there (which by the way was not my church), and realized that I forgot the cds. I found my mom and told her that I thought I have enough time to run home and grab them. She told me that my sister was getting married (who is already married) before church. I thought that I probably should be there since I was the maid of honor then realized that I didn't have a bridesmaid dress so I probably wasn't in the wedding to which I was relieved by.

(My sister's actual wedding day)

It is now time for the wedding to start and my friend's son, who is a kid, walks down the isle and I suddenly realize that he is getting married. We all were a bit disturbed, but somehow in this dream it made sense!

I am now suddenly in harry potter land...and I am harry. ( I am reading the books and don't know the ending yet....someone has told me that everyone dies in the end, but I refuse to believe that). I find Dumbledore...realizing that he comes back to life (what I am secretly wishing to happen even though it seems highly unlikely), and together we save the world.

(It looked something like this)

Gradually after I woke up this dream all started coming back to me, and I concluded three things. 1. That was probably the most bizarre dream that I have ever had. 2. I should junk food before going to bed again. 3. I have got to get a coffee maker.