family pic

family pic

Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Carter Highlights

This week has been a fun eventful week for my Carter Barter and I thought I'd capture my favorite weekly carter memories :) 

This week Carter had been making some comments about salvation and I could tell he was a bit confused. I decided to clearly tell him the plan of salvation without asking him to make a decision and just let the Holy Spirit work from there. After I talked about it he said he wanted to pray and become a Christian, so I asked him questions to assess his comprehension. He was hesitant on praying so I told him that he didn't have to do it right then and we would wait til he was ready. Later that night he came tiptoeing into my room and told me he was ready :) We prayed together and he asked Christ into his heart. Its neat to see Christ working in his little life :)

One of my favorite Carter comments of the week: 
Carter "Mommy I know why girls do not have beards."
Me (anxiously awaiting his logical explanation) "Why is that?"
Carter "because they use those shaver things"
Me "ohhh, so they shave them off?"
Carter "yes"

Favorite Creation: Carter was able to participate in Operation Christmas Child, where we picked out items to donate to children around the world for Christmas. Carter wanted to decorate his shoebox, and well... I just didn't think that needed to be supervised. I came into the kitchen to see this...

I thought he had drawn the devil on the box, but he assured me it was a jack-o-lantern... so much better right :P

He then proceeded to add this note to the top of it...
                                                               (Jesus is good to you)
And completed it with this...
                                                                (tic tac toe templates)
Favorite Outfit creation of the week:

Proud mommy moment:

Love this little boy :)