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family pic

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Prayers for Kydon

                                                                        (His latest trick :)

Last week Kydon had a developmental evaluation and I've had a hard time processing everything, and therefore haven't given any updates on him. Let me back track a bit...

This summer he had a "developmental spurt" so to speak. He went from saying no words to putting a couple of words together all within a few months. We were all thrilled and his therapists were very encouraged as well. I think we all didn't realize that he was still lagging developmentally bc he had improved so quickly. His therapist told me that they will do another evaluation in August and that there was a good chance he wouldn't even need therapy and was finally caught up for his age.

We had that evaluation last week and the results were pretty discouraging. A 30% delay in one area is significant and he scored over a 30% delay in 3 of the 4 areas. He was showing up at an 18 month level and he is almost 2 1/2 now. Most people who see him think he is just fine because his size and development are on the same level, but when you put him with kids his own age you can see the delay.

I have had to put in him daycare this year due to work & school and I felt VERY guilty about that during his first week there. The therapists that evaluated him told me that is the best thing I can do for him right now. They are very hopeful that the interaction with children who are at a developmental level where he should be, will help him to catch up. They also think the rigid schedule that they are on will help his development as well. He is even trying new foods there he would have never tried for me at home! I can tell he wants to be like/eat like the other kids at his table. You can imagine how much of a relief hearing about his actual NEED for daycare and seeing him thrive there has been. I no longer drop him off with guilt, but with assurance that this is best for him right now.

One more tidbit of information. I received a phone call last week from a research group from UNCG that is conducting a research study on children within his age group that have developmental delays, and trying to figure out the cause. (He has seen every medical & developmental specialist and we still know nothing!). Kydon qualified for their study and they will be doing tests and surveys on him, me and his daddy. I will actually receive compensation for this study which will be a huge help in paying for his daycare. Wow, right?! Isn't God good!

So with all that said, please pray for Kydon. We are all really hopeful that he is going to thrive in daycare, especially as I'm already seeing improvement. I REALLY want to keep him in christian daycare, but if we don't see improvement after this year, I will have to look at other options. So please pray for him and pray that God will prepare my heart if His plan is different from the one I want.