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family pic

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Random memory of the day

Today I was sitting at Panera Bread attempting to get some work done and started watching the Panera Bread employees (Yes, I love people watching and can figure out their whole life story in a matter of minutes....or so I think...). Watching them and figuring out their stories brought me back to one of my own stories. I started to chuckle to myself as I reread a completely ridiculous story in my life. So I shall tell it to you...

I had the big sweet 16 birthday, which meant that I could now start driving, which meant that I could get a job. The idea of looking for a job scared me a bit because that would require me going to places by myself... talking to people I didn't know... about stuff I didn't know anything about. That was pretty terrifying to an insecure shy 16 year old girl like me! Sooo, my mom (what a good sport she was) came with me to go job hunting.

First stop... Wendy's. The manager went to church with me, went to high school with my mom, and had managed two of my aunts when they worked at Wendy's back in the day. That seemed like a pretty non threatening place to start. My mom pulled up to the restaurant and dropped me off as I nervously went inside to ask for an application. The manager pretty much hired me right then and there and told me stories about my mom and aunts during our "interview".

Fast forward a couple of days and I am driving to my first day of work. My mom is in the car with me for moral support :) I am wearing my huge oversized Wendy's shirt, but I was determined to still look good in my Wendy's outfit, so i paired the huge shirt with some cute dress pants, matching bracelets and earrings. I attempted to style my hair around the ugly wendy's hat and spent an hour on my makeup.

I pulled up to the building and turned into the parking lot...the wrong way. (later I found out that my future coworkers were watching this whole scenario). I drove past the drive through window, where the whole wendy's crew could see their new coworker coming the wrong out of the car so my mom could switch from the passenger's seat to the driver's seat.. and we hugged right there in the parking lot.

So to summarize up this story. My coworkers looked out the window to see someone coming the wrong way into the parking lot, get out of the car somehow completely dressed a Wendy's uniform.... driving their mom...and hugging her in the middle of the parking lot :)

Yep I was cool ;)