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family pic

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Babysitting fail/ Mommy win

For those of you who have spent any amount of quality time with me, you probably have realized that my life is a bit...chaotic. I constantly feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off! I'd love for my life to slow down a bit or to at least to be in some kind of a calm/structured fast pace, but it just isn't and there is not really much I can do about it. I have x amount of things/responsibilies that have to get done and I always manage to get it all done, but the process just isn't going to be pretty :)

Ok, so there's my defense/background info behind my babysitting fail. I left our babysitter a message a couple days ago about babysitting Kydon while I worked for a bit bringing Carter with me. The message must have gone through late because she texted me back after the event telling me she could babysit. I read the text and thought, oh dear.. I guess I should call in the future to make sure the text was received. As I went to respond I got a phone call, talked on the phone, worked for a while, picked Quinton up from school, looked at furniture, took the kids to the park, droped them off with their daddy, ate dinner with a friend, hung out at her house and talked for a bit, came home, stayed up til 2 am with Kydon who was sick and crying, woke up at 7, had a pity party about not getting any sleep, got the kids dressed, took a bath.... and heard a knock on the door.

I yell "DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!!!" (maybe I didn't shut the bathroom door....but hey, the curtain was up :), the knocking proceeds and I get out and get dressed. At that moment I get a text... from the babysitter. I completely forgot about the text and never told her we didn't need her anymore. I don't want the poor girl to drive all the way home after waking up early and driving to our place, so I decide to still use her. She came on in and I told Carter we were going on a mommy carter date. Honestly I wasn't feeling it... remember the very little sleep!! The poor girl entered our chaos called a home. I realized we were out of diaper wipes bc Kydon had pulled them all out of the box the day before and they had dried up. I wetted the dried up wipes for her and then realized I didn't have a ziplock bag to put them in, so I wrapped them in cling wrap. Thankfully she seems used to our chaos and...umm... well..."creativity", and she just laughed as we scurried out the door.

Carter chose to get some Mcdonalds for breakfast and bring it to the park. He was very particuliar about which park we had to go to. It had to be the one with the "green robot slide". He talked a mile a minute in the car and I realized that we don't get to talk very much with the other kids around. When we got to the exageration...we walked around for about 10 minutes trying to find the perfect picnic spot :) We went from the woods, to the top of the playground (not sure if that was allowed or not), to a couple of spots on the sidewalk, and finally ended up in the middle of the sidewalk. I felt kindof awkward being in the middle of the sidewalk, but Carter seemed to think it was the "perfect flat spot". After we ate we played hide and go seek, followed by building an ant earth. It consists of a little feather for the ants to sleep on covered with a pile of rocks :) We explored for a while and had a nice little talk the two of us. It ended up being a great morning for us and Carter thoroughly enjoyed it.

I wouldn't have forked over the money to pay a sitter to just watch Kydon so Carter and I could go out, but I realize now that we needed it. Its neat how God works those things out and knows exactly what we need, so i've decided to not classify my morning as an epic babysitting fail, but as a mommy win :)