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family pic

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Problem with Problems

This past month I've been struggling spiritually. It seemed like one trial after another was being thrown on me and I wanted a break. I just got to a point when I thought, seriously God, I can't take any more. So I tried to avoid my problems, and essentially God bc serving Him included going through trials, not avoiding them. But the problem with avoiding problems, is that they don't go away and become even bigger problems! How do I know this you ask?...Bc that's what happend to me... and therefore, it must happen to everybody else :P

So here I am, realizing how much I need God and once again standing in need of His grace. This chapter of my story just...kind of...stinks! In the divorce care class I went to the goal was for us to be something along the lines of single and whole. I want to be that, but right now I don't feel like that will happen any time soon...or later...or ever! BUT that's what I want to be. I just have got to figure out how to get there and not numb my pain with sin.

I know this is a bit of a downer post, but I thought it would be therapeutic to blog about what's going on inside of me and give my blogger friends some insight as to what to pray about for me.