family pic

family pic

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lessons that I have learned today

Today has been a rough day to say the least. I was up most of the night stressed unable to sleep, and had to get up to a day full of errands and appointments. But in the midst of this crazy....crazy day I have learned many things....such as...

1. Boogers are made out of sticky germs, or according so to Carter

2. If I sense God telling me to do something, it is in my best interest to listen. I will regret it if I don't.

3. You cant have big fingernails because they might make your nose bleed....

4. I should never....ever.... attempt to take all three kids to pizza hut by myself

5. Some mosters are bad guys and Christians.

6. I need to keep taking my prenatals because my sweet baby's iron will get low if mine is low :(

7. The christian monsters become bad guys when the lava starts to come out of their mouths and they don't obey quickly.

8. I can't base my willingness to have devotional time with the boys on how I feel.

9. Carter should never have his finger pricked for iron levels because it makes his mouth hurt...

10. It is ok for me to take a timeout from my kids for a few minutes...especially on days like today!