family pic

family pic

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Tonight I've read through another mother's blog, that really inspired me to blog some more. I'm realizing that I make this way too complicated! In my mind I have set topics that I want to include in a certain order. For instance, as you can see I thought it would be good to start with my testimony...split it into say 5 different parts. That would lead up to topics on parenting. Great plan right? Not so much! I don't have alot of time to blog, juggling being a stay-at-home mom, starting up a business, and dealing with the trials of life. Therefore when I actually think about blogging, it becomes more of a chore, rather than an outlet.

The counselor (you will quickly realize that I overanalyze my life) in me realizes that I probably get this from my dad. This man will spend days putting together the perfect "z-model" (a chart from the Myers-Briggs that gathers ideas, information, and details to help plan an event) before he will ever do what he is wanting to do. For example I asked him if he could help me photoshop a different background for some of my cake pictures, thinking it would just take a few minutes to fill it in with a basic color. He proceeded to buy me some green fabric and told me that we can get online and find a picture of a room inside of the whitehouse. Next we could get a picture of a table and put that into the white house picture with the cake setting on top of it. The finished product would be our cake inside of the white house. Needless to say, I have yet to change the background for my cake pictures! The problem is that if the details are not perfected, the job just does not get done. I say all of that to conclude that I will overcome my pefectionism because I will never get around to blogging if I don't!

So here it is. My first random blog :) Expect more random topics, misspelled words, random commas (you will also quickly learn that I have an obsession with commas :), and other forms of imperfection to come in the future!