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Monday, February 11, 2013

Loving your story

I thought I'd pause my story to share some thoughts I have about sharing your story. You may be confused about what you should share... how much is too much?... what is inappropriate?... what glorifies God?... what does not glorify God?... etc. 

Most importantly, I think you need to ask yourself, Do I love my story? Do not hastily answer that question. Stop, and really think about it. Do I honestly love my story? Maybe that fills you with some fear as you start to confront the fact that this life you are living is not what you every really wanted. That is okay. Feel it. Don't push it aside with denial and a false peace. Those feelings of confusion and disappointment are there whether you want them to be or not. You may try to deny them, but the only way you are going to work through them is if you confront them... and share them with God. It may sound disrespectful to question the way He has allowed your life to go....but deep down inside you are questioning Him. He doesn't want you to deal with these feelings on your own! Who better to share them with than God Himself! 

Your story will not be relatable if you choose to deny your feelings of confusion and disappointment. The lady who states "I was sexually abused as a girl, but God is great!", leaves you, as a reader, feeling confused. Maybe you were sexually abused and you can remember the feelings of anger and confusion. You either think that she is in denial, or it leaves you ashamed for the way you've handled your abuse. You still don't know how to work through your confusion with God, and are left feeling annoyed or guilty. 

So now I'm going to leave you with a challenge. Think through your life. What specific event have you tried to erase from your mind... that brings up feelings of bitterness and confusion? Write it down. Don't just write down the basic facts. Write about the plot. Where did take place? What specifically was said or done during that time? And how did it make you feel then.... and now? Then tell God about it. Then... if you think you are ready... read it to a friend. They become your mirror and help you interpret and work through your story.