family pic

family pic

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I am Christina.... and I am a mess

I thought I'd come out of the closet about the craziness and chaos that summarizes our little Brooks family. When I go out I try hard..... REALLY hard.... to hide it, but it inevitably comes out from time to time and I'm left completely embarrassed. Here are my top 3 examples of our craziness.

1. Our last move. Holy Moly, that was an embarrassing move. Why you ask? Let me tell you why. First of all I kept working during that time and trying to box everything up so some things were inevitably neglected...such as cleaning... and controlling my children's chaos. So the guys came to help us move and when they moved the entertainment center there was the equivalent of an entire lego set underneath it. I nervously cracked a joke about it and quickly went to pick them up.... but... they wouldn't move. They were all stuck to the floor. Apparently some kind of drink...some time ago... had been spilt and the lovely legos under the center were now glued to the floor....

2. Getting ready for church Sunday morning is never...EVER... an easy task. I want to write the boys' Sunday School teachers a note that goes something like this....

 "Dear Teacher,

 Please do not judge me for letting my child wear flip flop with his dress shirt and pants. The dress shoes were not in the shoe bin... or the car... or his room... or my room... or any room in the house. I know he has peanut butter on his face.... and that I have peanut butter on my pants. I'm really okay with it if you are. No he did not bring his bible or memorize his verse. After spending a 1/2 looking for the shoes I really didn't have time to look for his book/bible/ and memorize Bible verses. He probably should not drink from his sippy cup bc there is a good chance that it contains the remnants from last weeks milk. Thank you in advance for being patient with me picking him up late from class. I really do try to hurry, but his brothers are in every opposite corner of the church, so its inevitable that somebody will be picked up late.

P.S. - Thank you so so so much for choosing to be part of my chaos for an hour so I can have a break :D

3. My blessed van. Ohhhh boy... the disarray inside of it pretty much summarizes our family! Lets just say its so bad I just can't bring myself to give a description of its contents. When we moved inevitably people saw inside of it and I was humiliated....utterly humiliated... I'll leave it up to your imagination to picture the interior.

So there it is. I'm officially owning and admitting that my family is an utter mess. I know its just time to accept that this is just going to be my life for awhile. I so so want to have organization in my home... and van... but I just can't with all that I have going on... and I think God is okay with that... and wants me to be as well. I struggle because I want people's approval and... well... a cluttered home with children that are a bit unkept is typically frowned upon! BUT I know I am trying my hardest and those things don't matter to God or impact eternity..... SO I am choosing to be okay with our craziness :)