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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cute answers from the boys' Bible Quiz

A while back I bought a book (on clearance of course :) that consisted of at least a hundred different Bible quizes for all ages. Tonight I thought it would be fun to do a few with the boys before family devos. After the first couple of questions I quickly realized that I needed to document their answers because.... oh how they made me laugh :)  Here are some of their answers...

What is the first book of the Bible? Jennifer 1:1
What happened when Lot's wife looked at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? She turned into an pig?
From where did the Wise Men, who came to see the baby Jesus, come? Sheep
What relation was Jacob to Esau? Crucified?....bestfriends? partners? (What?!?!)
What special food did the Israelites eat in the desert after they had escaped from Egypt? (Carter very serious) Sparkle.
Which bird returned to Noah's ark with an olive twig in its beak? A duck
What is the first book in the New Testament? Messiah
Which sea parted to allow Moses to lead the people safely out of Egypt? The Blue Sea?...The Grey Sea?
Where did Adam and Eve live before they disobeyed God? The Garden of Abraham? The Garden of God?
Which bird did Noah send out first from the ark? (Me..." a Rrrrrr") Carter " A raisen"
Name the first man created by God. - Evam
What is the name of the town where Jesus grew up? (Me... "Nnnnnn") Nazrael?....Nabraham?

In their defense they did get several answers correct, but whats the humor in writing about them :)